Closing the Loop for Compostable Packaging

Compostable Coalition UK is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at ensuring compostable packaging is effectively collected and organically recycled via existing UK bio-waste infrastructure.

Our Mission

Over 1.3 million tonnes of plastic packaging in the UK is not being recycled.

Compostable Coalition UK’s mission is to advance the wider collection & treatment of compostable packaging in the UK by collaborating with all relevant stakeholders from end-consumers to local authorities and waste industry. By working together, we can address existing systemic gaps and design accessible and viable pathways to ensure full circularity for such packaging, at end-of-life.

Achieving full circularity for compostable packaging in the UK simply means we need to connect the dots between existing infrastructure and easy pathways to access this infrastructure.

Our aim is to make it all SIMPLE.


Ensuring full circularity for compostable packaging

Protecting the wellbeing of people and plants via responsible circular consumption and waste treatment.

Who we are

From the producers of compostable packaging to brands and retailers


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